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How to Convince a Start-Up That They Need Website SEO

There are numerous propositions why start-ups lack interest in getting SEO services. This article aims to show how to best help start-ups and particularly small start-ups by introducing SEO to market their website or online business.
Premise One: Most start-ups don't appear to have funds
This is a huge issue for people starting out their own business. Clients often would like to jump straight in and ask 'how expensive is this SEO stuff going to cost me?' I urge that you do not answer this right away. Keep in mind though that new businesses might not have huge marketing budget, yet you simply cannot offer the services you provide for free.
Therefore, during your first strategy meeting with your new client, it's essential to gauge where they may be at first, to be able to offer them a proposal that can really help them. You need to assure them that this is beneficial for their business and at the same time, assure them that you are there to assist them, and not bust their bank account. Your role is always to help them grow their business and not to bleed it dry.
Premise Two: Make It Simple
It is necessary should you try to win the client or to gain more business from your client, to help keep everything simple. Use terms the client will understand. Do not try to flood real technical terms to your client. Your aim should be to educate your client what your SEO is all about in such a way that he will understand it easily.
Premise Three: Don't Do Everything At the Same Time.
Starting a brand new business is daunting enough, especially for a sole trader, a new small enterprise or partnership. Don't overwhelm them with the countless aspects of SEO. Think of a plan so your support for that client is clearly structured and divided into bite-size stages. It's no good stating in your first meeting that you have to tackle the on-page optimization, back link building, guest blogging, tweeting, posting to Facebook, Stumbling etc. They already have enough on their plate!
What I am not saying is to ignore these matters. Explain their significance but structure their SEO strategy. Remember that if it's gradually bu

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