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Does Your Website Smell of Bacon

Imagine the scene, it's a beautiful sunny crisp February morning, you're enjoying a quiet stroll in the countryside, your breath is forming a small cloud each time you exhale, and you feel a general sense of well-being as you start to notice the faintest smell, a delicious desirable familiar scent and you wonder, what does that remind me of?
You walk a bit further, the smell growing ever stronger and you ask yourself, what is that wonderful odour? You carry on, and as you get closer you hear it, a familiar sound, and you put two and two together, the sound, the smell, the unmistakeable sizzling and crackling, of bacon rashers, frying in a pan and you feel your stomach start to rumble. Someone walks around the corner just ahead of you, biting into a steaming hot delicious crispy bacon butty and your mouth waters and you think, I've just got to have one of those right now.
All very appetising, but what has this got to do with Web Design and SEO?
The point is a winning web site is a web site that will attract visitors from a distance, (SEO and promotion), and compel them to take action. Just like the delicious smell of bacon cooking draws you in from a distance, a well planned SEO strategy will draw in targeted prospects to your web site and well designed irresistible content will compel them to take action.
How can I get my website to smell like sizzling bacon?
Just like a delicious crispy bacon butty, it's all about the ingredients.
You will need a good quality website, by good quality I mean it should be well coded, beautiful to look at, user friendly, contain rich and original content and be a call to action for your customers.
You will need a well planned search engine optimisation strategy. This subject itself is a series of articles, but here are a few key points you need to consider.
Understanding your business objectives
You need to know what you want to achieve form your SEO. This gives you the opportunity to establish your goals and understand your business and its unique challenges.
Check your web site for code issues
One of the least obvious mentioned areas of SEO is poor web design. A web site may look wonderful on the surface, but if the code is poorly written or contains lots of redundant code, or the site lacks text, has duplicate content or just has poor quality content, all

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